Mr. & Mrs. Neill- Savannah, GA intimate destination wedding

Christina and Michael… their love story is one of my favorites. Flashback to when they met- Christina, her sister, and her cousin were out one day and decided to stop by Starbucks. They were sitting down together with their coffee and this man started hitting on them. Michael overheard and graciously kept an eye out, then decided to sit with them. Christina and Michael hit it off and exchanged numbers, their first date was a few days later. After dating a little while, he proposed to her in Savannah, which has been a super special place for them. He proposed in the pouring down rain and right afterwards they ate at the Collins Quarter. Michael lived in New York City for a year before they met. Shortly after their engagement they moved back to New York City for a year in a small one bedroom apartment. After that year of growing, they found themselves moving back to Georgia. They knew they wanted to get married in Savannah where he proposed and have their reception at their favorite restaurant, the Collins Quarter. Love all of the sentiment in this day. Congrats you two, we are so thankful for you both and the friendship we have with you. This is a good one.

(I had to resize these photos significantly smaller than I wanted them to be on this blog. The blog wouldn’t load with them in full size. Sorry if they seem pixelated.)



Christina changed out of her dress to walk over to the church- which was a few blocks away.





Sisters on the left. Sisters plus cousin on the right. The prettiest set of genes I’ve ever seen.



Moments leading to Christina and Michael’s first look. Christina wanted to be waiting for Michael in the square and to have him walk to her.


One last veil picture right before the ceremony.


Including just a few family photos, yes I take these too! 🙂


I put her bouquet on this bench, so they could read their personal vows to each other. I actually cried… I’m not even going to deny it.




Christina was so sweet. For about an hour at her reception she and Michael went around to every single guest and vendor. They thanked each person for being there and spoke encouragement over everyone. Including me and Jonathan… and they made us both cry with some of the sweetest words we’ve ever been told.CM-997CM-1000CM-1002CM-1006CM-1377CM-1374CM-1013CM-1378CM-1024CM-1033CM-1044CM-1045CM-1108CM-1111CM-1383CM-1054CM-1059CM-1061

They danced to their song, ‘Slow and Steady’ by Of Monsters and Men. The song I chose to play along with this blog.


After their dance, Michael gave the sweetest toast to Christina’s dad that had everyone in the room tearing up.


The cutest drunk moment that couldn’t go undocumented.



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